Best Chinese Dishes For New Year Celebration You Should Try It Once

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In this article,Let’s learn more details below:Best Chinese Dishes For New Year Celebration You Should Try It Once

Lunar New Year is a traditional holiday with many delicious dishes including Chinese dishes, they always contain the delicacy and irresistible flavor of a famous long-standing cuisine. According to Kian Lam Kho – chef and author of the cookbook Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees said: Tet dishes must include fish, chicken, duck or pork. This shows you very successful. Foods such as fish, dumplings, and fruit are not only ordinary foods but also a symbol of prosperity and luck. Therefore, we can understand that the Chinese, in part, eat these dishes on the occasion of Tet like Vietnam eating Banh chung or cake. The following article will introduce you to some of the best Chinese dishes with the meaning of celebrating the New Year that if you have the opportunity, you should try them once.

Best Chinese Dishes For New Year Celebration 

Sweet sticky rice cake (nian gao)

Bánh nếp ngọt (nian gao) là món ăn Trung Quốc ngon nhất đón Tết được làm từ bột gạo nếp và đường mang ý nghĩa báo hiệu thành công cao hơn trong năm mới. Nguồn:

Sweet sticky rice cake (nian gao) is the best Chinese food to celebrate Tet. This cake is sometimes called “new year cake” or “year cake”. Nian gao is made from glutinous rice flour or sweet rice flour with a sweet or / salty taste depending on the region. Chef Kho says its texture is sticky and thick, the word “nian” in nian gao means “five”, which is a homonym of the word “sticky”. They are two different characters, but are pronounced exactly the same. “Gao” means “higher”, so “nian gao” is more a sign of success in the new year.

Cakes are usually wrapped in paper and eaten on Chinese New Year’s Eve, a pastry originating from southern China made with sugar that can be used as a gift to celebrate the new year. According to Chef Kho, the savory version of the pastry is often sautéed in Shanghai dishes and northern Chinese restaurants.

Whole fish

Whole fish is the best Chinese food for Tet, according to Chef Kho: fish is one of the most important symbolic dishes for Chinese New Year. Most of you will find that fish is most processed at any meal or holiday and served in a variety of ways.

Cá nguyên con là món ăn Trung Quốc ngon nhất đón Tết với ý nghĩa mong muốn của cải dồi dào trong năm mới. Nguồn:

The pronunciation of “fish” in Mandarin and many other dialects is “yú”, chef Kho added: the meaning of the whole fish dish is based on the idea of ​​you want some food or wealth. ample, and look forward to continuing to have it for the coming year.

Whole Chicken

Best Chinese Dishes For New Year Celebration

Unity is an overarching theme of the Lunar New Year, so the whole chicken dish is the best Chinese food to celebrate and is also a visual and unifying expression. Chef Kho said: serving a whole chicken represents the reunification and peace of the whole family.

Dumplings (jiaozi)

Best Chinese Dishes For New Year Celebration

Dumplings (jiaozi) are the best Chinese food to celebrate New Year because, as Chef Kho explains, this dish is said to resemble the gold or silver bars used as money in ancient times. It represents prosperity, giving the same amount of money as you eat. The white dumpling shell that most people are used to seeing is associated with the silver bar. But the rarer egg-coated dumplings, which Kho mentions, is essentially an omelet with a filling in it, representing gold.

According to China Highlights tourism organization, some people believe that the dumplings themselves have a certain meaning of luck; Cabbage dumplings and radish eaten on New Year’s Eve bring good omen for the skin and the mood, while you should not eat sauerkraut dumplings as it indicates a poor, difficult future.


Tangyuan is the best Chinese food to celebrate New Year, it also has another name is drift cake. According to Chef Kho, tangyuan is usually served on the 15th and last day of Chinese New Year, which is also the Lantern Festival. Tangyuan is made from glutinous rice flour, shaped like mochi – another rice cake popular in Japan, tangyuan can be served in thin or deep-fried broth.

The tangyuan balls are full of sweetness from red beans, peanuts to taro, although for Chef Kho the best is the sesame filling.

Braised shiitake mushrooms

Best Chinese Dishes For New Year Celebration

Choy sum (a kind of Chinese cabbage) is the best Chinese food that is suitable for Tet, it is a vegetable dish that some traditional Chinese families still use during the New Year or other occasions. of other importance, especially families in Shanghai. Choy sum is a great choice for those who don’t eat meat, just make it with a vegetarian oyster sauce.


Chinese people buy citrus or fruits with them as delicious Tet food or use them as gifts to visit relatives

Citrus is the best Chinese food with emphasis on Tet. Tangerines are the most traditional fruit to beautify the table, although you’ll likely find oranges or other citrus fruits, says Chef Kho. Originally from a Cantonese tradition, here is another example of a homonym associated with luck: The Chinese mandarin word is 橙 (chéng / chnng /), pronounced like a word that means luck. . Citrus is served at the end of a meal, and is a gift when you visit relatives.

Longevity noodles

Best Chinese Dishes For New Year Celebration
Longevity noodle is the best Chinese dish suitable for Tet, it is mainly used in southern China, longevity noodles are traditionally processed into a single very thin thread. “Nowadays, when you are served long-life noodles, it’s really just very long noodles,” said Chef Kho. It is not a thread anymore. They are often paired with broth or sauces that taste almost like a gravy.


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