Dishes You have to try when traveling to Hong Kong

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Now,let’s read below post see to know more:Dishes You have to try when traveling to Hong Kong

Cuisine is an indispensable thing in each of our travels. Hong Kong is a country with a rich culinary background and most of the dishes in Hong Kong are seasoned almost like Vietnam, so the dishes here are very suitable for Vietnamese tastes. . If you are planning to travel to Hong Kong or are in Hong Kong and want to enjoy the delicious food here but still do not know what to enjoy? Then let’s see the following article right away are the best dishes in Hong Kong.

Dishes You have to try when traveling to Hong Kong

1. Tapioca noodles with fresh shrimp dumpling

Dishes in Hong Kong

Just like Shanghai’s steamed dumplings, fresh prawn vermicelli is a famous Hong Kong delicacy. Shrimp to make the dumpling cake are large and fresh shrimps that are carefully selected, the noodles made from eggs are golden yellow, tough but still very soft. In addition, broth is also a very important ingredient to create a delicious bowl of zebra noodles. The broth must be made from pork bones, dried fish and shrimp shells.

2. Young chicken egg cake

Món ăn ngon nhất Hồng Kông - Bánh trứng gà non. (Ảnh: Internet)

This is one of the typical street snacks of Hong Kong people. Main ingredients include eggs, sugar, flour, butter are mixed together to form a thick mixture. Then people pour this mixture into the honeycomb shapes and grill them. The cakes look like eggs in a golden color, and retain the crispness and aroma of butter and vanilla, and are best eaten hot when they are fresh. Today, in addition to the traditional taste, the young chicken egg cake is also modified with many different types such as chocolate, young coconut fiber or black sesame … giving diners extremely rich choices.

3. Beef balls

Dishes in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s beef balls are famous for the crispy sweetness of the beef tendon mixed in the rich rich sauce. This famous snack can be used as a ping pong ball. Here beef balls are often mixed with wonton noodles, can also be eaten with other ingredients such as shrimp meat, cashew nuts, quail eggs … When enjoying, you will have the feeling of chewy meatballs. the inside is soft, sweet and fragrant.

4. Fish roe noodles

Dishes in Hong Kong

The fish eggs noodles have the main ingredients of big fiber fresh rice noodles, the broth is made from fish bones and pork bones that are stewed for many hours to create a sweet taste. Then they added fish eggs, beef balls, fried pork and fish pieces on top. The fish eggs noodles are tough but still retain their flexibility, combined with soft meatballs and sweet broth, all create an irresistible flavor.

5. Cao quy linh

Cao quy linh is a Hong Kong’s specialty dessert, the ingredients include tortoise shell powder, earth mascot, birth land, dandelion and honeysuckle flower. This dish at first glance looks like jelly jelly but softer and chewy, when eaten, it has a slightly bitter taste, so it is often served with honey. This is a cool dessert, has a detoxifying heat effect, and is very healthy.

6. Kim sa dumplings with salted eggs

The kim sa dumpling or “liu sa bao” is a dish created by Hong Kong chefs to become one of the culinary symbols of this land. Liu sa is literally flowing sand dunes, which accurately describe the essence of the cake. This custard-filled dumpling when steamed, broken, the kernel will melt like a stream of golden sand, when tasting, the remaining sugar particles thanks to the chef’s cleverness like grains of sand. , creating a unique feature of the dish. This sweet dish has a golden appearance, eye-catching, and few people can resist without trying it once.

7. Dumpling shumai

Dishes in Hong Kong

One more dumpling must try when visiting Hong Kong: char siu dumplings. Different from the soft and gentle taste of the golden saffron cake, the char siu dumplings are a concert on the explosive sweet and savory base of the charming fragrant char siu. The soft, spongy crust of the cake wrapping the attractive inner filling has long been the pride of Hong Kong. Char siu dumplings can be found throughout Hong Kong, as popular as pho or bread among the Vietnamese.

8. Pigs roast

Guangzhou Roast Pig is the most famous, but that’s why Hong Kong chefs do not create their own roast pork. Hong Kong roasted pig is not a whole roast suckling pig, but a piece of three that is just roasted just enough until the skin is crispy, then sliced ​​into square pieces to eat just a little more than knuckles, dipping with sweet and sour sauce characteristic of Hong Kong. The fragrant sweetness of the lean meat and the crispness of the skin and the sour taste of the sauce has knocked the taste buds of countless visitors to visit and enjoy this dish in Hong Kong.

9. Roasted Goose

Not roast duck, roast goose. Hong Kong residents choose goose over duck for their top roast. Even Hong Kong, the most famous is Yue Kee restaurant with over 60 years of loyalty to only roast goose, eventually making a name for Hong Kong cuisine in the Chinese cuisine map. Hong Kong Roasted Goose is fragrant, soft, sweet and has a crispy skin with a unique marinade recipe that is hard to refuse. If you visit Hong Kong, this is a must-try dish if you want to understand more about this place’s cuisine.

10. Dry hot pot

Dishes in Hong Kong

Hot pot … but dry? How strange that sound? Hong Kong cuisine is rich in variety, and dry hot pot is one of the things that contribute to it. Hong Kong dry hot pot is processed from a variety of meats and seafood, from pork, beef, duck, chicken, goose to squid, shrimp … all can be processed into dry hot pot. The ingredients are marinated attractive and then stir-fried, then put in a pan, bowl and serve for customers. The eaters continue to stir-fry and add different sauces to suit their own taste. This is definitely one of the most unique Hong Kong dishes that you must once enjoy

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