The 5 best foods for high blood pressure


High blood pressure is a dangerous medical condition that can lead to heart disease, stroke, or some other dangerous complications if not treated promptly. Let’s join Newselectionz to introduce you to 5 extremely best foods to prevent high blood pressure! The 5 best foods for high blood pressure What is high blood pressure? Blood pressure

The 10 Best Dishes To Eat in The Philippines

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Filipino cuisine has recently been tagged as the ‘next big thing’ to look out for in the culinary world. With the country’s variety of influences throughout its rich history, its traditional cooking techniques, and the Filipinos’ knack for combining flavors and making the most of any and all ingredients at their disposal, what results is

Top 5 Best Indian Dishes You must try when traveling to India

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Indian dishes are vastly diverse, and not to mention delicious because of the variety of flavors and regions. Indian cuisine is continually put on foodie lists all over the world. Remember that time you and a friend sit down for dinner at an Indian food restaurant. The smell of jasmine and spice awakens your senses.



Among our Cambodia day tour programs today, we would like to introduce you to Cambodian food, especially delicious street foods. Let’s join Newselectionz to uncover the hidden charms of Cambodian cultural life within featured street foods of people here. Here’s our guide to the best street foods you must try in Cambodia. WHAT TO EAT

Weird Asian foods — 10 famous weird foods in Asia dare you to eat


There’s so much to love about Asian cuisine. Korean BBQ, fried rice, sushi, teriyaki chicken, and dumplings… I could eat Asian food every night of the week. But the inescapable fact is that there are also some bizarre foods in Asia that challenge even the most ardent of food lovers. Here are some weird Asian