Honda City RS 2021 Review – the top sports sedan in the segment

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In this article,Let’s learn more details below:Honda City RS 2021 Review – the top sports sedan in the segment

Honda is one of the leading Japanese automakers in adopting a sporty style for its models. The proof is that the Honda City RS 2021 has officially launched with a completely new, brave, and energetic look.

Honda City RS 2021 Review – the top sports sedan in the segment

The attractive price of Honda City RS 2021

Although Honda City has historically been one of the top B-class sedans with a high selling price in the segment, it is still very warmly received by customers.

With this upgrade, especially the Honda City RS 2021 version, the price is expected to be quite high, but no, the listed price of the car is only 599 million VND, which is still equal to the predecessor generation. level. In addition, there will be 2 versions G and L with prices of 529 and 569 million VND respectively to serve many needs of customers.

The new design helps the exterior of Honda City RS 2021 full of personality

Honda is increasingly taking advantage of modern materials to create new, stylish, and stylish clothes for its models. Honda’s sportiness is not only shown on the Honda Civic RS but also on the Honda City RS 2021.

Ngoại thất Honda City RS 2021

This new generation B-class sedan of Honda has a much younger and more modern exterior than the previous generation. Due to the RS version, the car has a lot of details that are made more meticulous, with depth and create a more pronounced sporty accent.

At the front of the car, large aluminum horizontal contours are painted glossy black, similar to the style of the Honda Civic RS. This detail makes the face of the tomb more rigid, somewhat magical, and highlights the Solid Wing Face design language. The LED headlights look like a strong pair of eyes, contributing to the confidence and bravery of the steering wheel.

The grille pattern is in the shape of a hexagon painted black, the bottom bumper is delicate thin. The bottom two sides of the steering wheel are details of the fog lamp sockets, painted in black and designed with a claw-like shape that looks very disruptive. The stylized capo from the image of a scalloped concave on both sides is also a place to show the creativity of Honda.

The side of the car feels strong with embossed veins extending from front to back. The new Honda City 2021 RS rims are not too sophisticated, somewhat simpler than the previous generation, but still very in tune with the whole. The size of this set of wheels is 16 inches with Yokohama BluEarth tires for better grip.

The rear part of the Honda City RS 2021 is extremely impressive with the rear lights with the nuances of the BMW series, very modern and luxurious. In addition, the black painted spoiler detail is also a highlight to highlight a fresh beauty for the rear end.

New interior

As the most advanced variant, the Honda City RS 2021 takes a lot of care about the interior, both in terms of style and features to serve users.

Nội thất Honda City RS 2021

Interior Honda City RS 2021 In terms of design, the car’s interior features a sporty look with angular details on the taplo board. The cut lines are more definitive but not too fussy, clarifying the mix of sportiness with the inherent simplicity and elegance of Honda.

The first impression of comfort on the Honda City RS 2021 is that the touch screen entertainment is up to 8 inches, quite sharp and the response is very stable on each user operation. Below the entertainment screen will be 3 groups of very delicate circular air-conditioning controls.

The car’s steering wheel is covered with leather mixed with red thread to create harmony and personality extremely. On the steering wheel is also integrated a lot of function keys plus great value for money that is the paddle shift.

Nội thất Honda City RS 2021

The seat cover material on the car is leather mixed with felt, this is still controversial, but it is not a defect that affects consumers. In return, the driver’s seat can be adjusted in 6 directions, the sound with 8 speakers, other leather up details is very advanced.

The wheelbase of the car is 2600 mm, quite similar to the competitors but thanks to the scientific layout, it will feel more spacious and comfortable. In general, the interior of the Honda City RS 2021 has been better than the previous version, promising to bring satisfaction to customers.

Operation and safety

Operation is always something that Honda is proud to be able to beat competitors in the B-segment sedan segment. With the Honda City RS 2021, that achievement is further strengthened by the power of the 1.5L DOHC i-VTEC engine. The car’s (double camshaft) proved very effective.

With a capacity of 119 HP, maximum torque of 140 Nm, combined with a CVT gearbox, Earth Dreams technology helps the car confidently surpass heavy competitors such as Toyota Vios or Hyundai Accent. However, the car cannot avoid the disadvantage of loud noise in high rpm ranges, but with the experience in a class B vehicle, this is acceptable.

In terms of safety, Honda City RS 2021 is fully equipped with standard safety features such as 6 airbags, ABS brakes, VSA electronic balance, EBD brake force distribution, HSA horizontal departure, Cruise Control, …

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