How to sell a used car?

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Your present car will probably sell for more money if you decide to sell it privately rather than trading it in. Buyers should anticipate paying less than the retail price unless the vehicle is in high demand, and you can always expect to obtain more than the wholesale price. However, selling your own car requires much more effort than simply going to a dealership for a trade-in. Let’s follow us to find out how to sell a used car in this post!

Price It Competitively

You may obtain a good idea of the retail and asking prices for your automobile by looking at the car model pages. Go one step further and look through comparable listings in your region on the CR Used Car Marketplace.

How to sell a used car
How to sell a used car

You ought to have enough knowledge to set a fair asking price for your car if you looked into what a nearby dealer would provide on a straight-up sale. Always remember to price your car slightly higher than what you are willing to accept for it.

In this manner, the buyer can successfully bargain for a marginally cheaper price. But don’t be avaricious. You risk scaring away prospective customers who don’t believe they have a chance to haggle.

Effective Advertising

Some forms of advertising are more cost-effective than others, and prices can range from nothing to quite a bit. Don’t feel constrained by the ideas presented here. Use your imagination and follow your gut while making decisions.

Word-of-mouth marketing works well. Inform everyone you know—friends, family, coworkers—that you are selling a car. You might be shocked by the amount of interest you attract if your Facebook network is sizable enough. It’s also free.

Perhaps the simplest and most efficient approach to selling your car is through online classified advertisements. Your car may receive a lot of local interest on Craigslist, the free classified listing service. Depending on what is included, offers different ad packages ranging in price from free to $49. You can upload five photographs of your car with the free advertising, which runs for 30 days. 150 days, 15 images, and a Carfax report are all yours for $49.

A free service offered by is the display of six pictures of your vehicle. Packages range in price from $25 to $100 on AutoTrader, which partners with MSN Autos. Free renewals and a money-back guarantee are features of the AutoTrader packages. The entry-level package includes three photographs and four weeks, and you may upgrade to a package with 18 pictures, no time restriction, and a special “spotlight” ad running for two weeks.

How to sell a used car
How to sell a used car

Daily newspaper ads can be effective but are less so now than they once were. For a single payment, you can buy print and online ads in some newspapers. For a week or two, rates can range from $30 to $40, while some significant urban papers charge more.

Weekly shopping and free newspaper ads can be effective, although they might face stiff competition. There is always the conventional approach. Simply display a “For Sale” sign in the window of your car together with your contact information, such as your phone number and the model and mileage.

Putting Up Your Car

Keep your phone close by and keep your car’s characteristics, mileage, and other information handy after you’ve submitted your advertising. Have your schedule prepared so you can choose a day and time for interested callers who will want to see the vehicle. Having said that, it’s normal for some callers to not show up.

When you do demonstrate the car, be honest when responding to inquiries. Be ready to accompany the buyer on a test drive, to an independent mechanic, and to produce service receipts.

The Inspection Before Purchase

Almost every wise buyer will want to have a mechanic check out your car before the sale. Allowing the buyer to take the car for a test drive should pose no risk if they are a friend or family member. However, if the prospective buyer is a complete stranger, you should usually take your own vehicle to repair. Not more than an hour, ideally.

Have the required documentation

The documentation needed to sell an automobile varies from state to state. The odometer reading, sale price, and your signature must be entered on the back of the certificate of title in some states in order to transfer ownership of a car to another person. You need to complete official title-transfer forms in other states. To find out what to do, get in touch with the department of motor vehicles in your state.

How to sell a used car
How to sell a used car

If you still owe money on your automobile, you and the buyer will need to see your lender to ensure that they are paid before you receive any remaining funds. Until the car is paid off, the lender may hold the title in several states. Additionally, the buyer frequently needs a bill of sale for sales tax reasons. To learn if a certain bill of sale form is available, get in touch with your state’s DMV. A copy of the finished document should always be kept for your records.


Always be honest, even if it means losing a deal. Of course, you want to sell your car for as much money as you can, but never do this by misleading a buyer. Truth always comes out much more easily and what goes around, comes around. Having said that, you are required to report any accidents. You should also inform the customer if there were any significant repairs. After you sell them the car, a good rule of thumb is to treat the customer as though you were going to move in next door to them. When selling your car to a complete stranger, character counts.


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