Instructions for proper cleaning of foam mattresses

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In this article,Let’s learn more details below:Instructions for proper cleaning of foam mattresses

Foam Mattress feels very comfortable and easy to maintain. If you need to clean the foam mattress then use caution when using water and mattress cleaning mixes. Foam mattresses can easily get wet with water or be absorbed deep inside if you use a large number of chemicals and scrub your hands vigorously. For the best use of foam mattresses, you should use a mattress protector, vacuum regularly, and use only enough water and cleaning chemicals.

Stage 1: Vacuuming

Remove the cover

Instructions for proper cleaning of foam mattresses
Instructions for proper cleaning of foam mattresses

Start by removing the covers, sheets, pillows and covers of the mattress. To keep your mattress clean, you need to wash the mattress cover regularly. After removing all the outer cover of the mattress, it can be vacuumed.

This is a good idea when cleaning the mattress while taking advantage of the mattress cover. You also need to look carefully on the label of the mattress to find the right washing cycle. Usually you can wash in normal mode.

Choose the right plug for your vacuum cleaner
You can use the right plug to vacuum the mattress. If the plug is cleaned then attach it to your vacuum cleaner.

In case the connector becomes dirty, you should remove all the cloth and dirt from the plug by hand, then rinse it off with soap. Wash thoroughly and let dry within 24 hours.

Vacuum the mattress

Instructions for proper cleaning of foam mattresses
Instructions for proper cleaning of foam mattresses

Use the plug of the machine to vacuum the foam mattress. Eliminate any tangled hair, dirt or food debris from the mattress from last night’s snack. Start vacuuming from top to bottom and clean the sides of the mattress. Then, turn the mattress over to clean the bottom of the mattress.

Stage 2: Clean the stain

Be careful when using water and fluids to clean your mattress.
Foam mattresses should not be overly exposed to water, so you need to be very careful when removing stains from the mattress. You can also accidentally go overboard during the mattress cleaning process, which can have the opposite effect of pushing the stain deeper into the mattress or making the mattress excessively wet. If the mattress is too wet, there is a chance that there will be mold

Never wet mattress with water and detergent. Instead of using a steam cleaner or wet rag, use a spray bottle. At this point, you will avoid getting your mattress wet by spraying a small amount of water with a spray bottle.

Choice of cleaning chemicals.
To remove stains from a foam mattress, you will need to use vinegar, baking soda or an enzyme cleaner. Another option is to make your own detergent, by mixing a few drops of dish soap into 3 tablespoons (24 grams) of baking soda and 10 ounces (300 milliliters) of hydrogen peroxide. Enzyme cleaners can do a lot of work, but vinegar is also a great option that doesn’t cost much.

You can use a spray bottle with a solution that is mixed half white vinegar with half water.
Use baking soda sprinkled directly on the stain
Follow the instructions on the enzyme detergent bottle

Spray on the stain.
After applying a sufficient amount of detergent to the stain, let it sit for 5 minutes.

Instructions for proper cleaning of foam mattresses
Instructions for proper cleaning of foam mattresses

Remove as many stains as possible.
After the detergent has soaked in and removed the stain, wipe it off with a rag. Wipe the stain up and down, left, right, brushing the circle. If you rub the stain vigorously and scrub it too much, you can make the stain more spread.

Sprinkle baking soda directly on the stain.
Sprinkle baking soda on the stain and leave it on overnight, and vacuum up the baking soda until morning. This will help remove any odors the stain is causing.

Dry the mattress.

Since foam mattresses break down quickly when wet, you need to dry them as soon as possible. If you have a place outside and the weather is fine, you can dry your mattress in the sun. If the weather is not good, you can also use a fan to dry the mattress in the room.

Stage 3: Clean up spills on the mattress

Dry the mattress.
You need to take quick steps to dry the mattress immediately. If it’s sunny and it’s not too difficult to bring the mattress out to dry on the patio or backyard, dry the mattress in direct sunlight. Once the stain has dried, treat them with a suitable detergent, such as baking soda.

Blot the stain to remove liquid.

If your foam mattress gets wet, use a clean rag or towel to absorb the stain. Press the towel down on the wet area and continuously use the dry towel to absorb the stain.

You should avoid rubbing, rounding on the stain, or rubbing your hands vigorously to avoid making the stain more dirty
You can use a variety of rags or cloths of different sizes, depending on whether the stain is large or small

Use a fan.
Keep a fan in front of the foam mattress. Place the fan above the mattress and shine directly on the dirty mattress.

Let the mattress dry.

After you’ve removed most of the dirt from your mattress, let the mattress dry for a few hours. Do not insert sheets until the mattress is completely dry. If you have windows in your room, open the windows to allow better air circulation, and dry the mattress faster

Stage 4: Deodorizing foam mattress

Sprinkle baking soda on top of the mattress.
Spread a layer of baking soda on the surface of the foam mattress, then leave the mattress with baking soda overnight, or while you are at work during the day. Next, vacuum all the baking soda on the mattress.

Use scented detergent to spray onto the foam mattress.

You can use a lemon or citrus-scented detergent to get rid of the mattress’s odors. Just spray a gentle layer of detergent onto the mattress, then dry it completely.

You can make your own cleaning solution that smells like citrusy oranges. Use a sealed container of orange and lemon peel and fill it with white vinegar, leave it on for two weeks. After that time, you filter out the peels of oranges and lemons. Putting the liquid into the spray bottle is done.

Hang your mattress.

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You can place your mattress on the porch or backyard for about an hour or two. The airy breeze and natural sunlight will effectively eliminate the bacteria and odor of the mattress. It will be easier to dry the mattress if your home is in the countryside or the suburbs.

Put the gas on the mattress.
After you have vacuumed, cleaned, and deodorized your foam mattress, quickly replace the sheets with a new one. Cover sheets will make your mattress more beautiful and cleaner.

If you often drink a lot of coffee or wine in bed, or own a pet, then use waterproof mattress covers. Waterproof wrap will help prevent your mattress from getting waterlogged.


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