KIA Seltos 2020: European style lands in the B-class crossover segment

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Now,let’s read below post see to know more:KIA Seltos 2020: European style lands in the B-class crossover segment

KIA is increasingly proving its bravery when bringing KIA Seltos 2020 to Vietnam. With extremely outstanding advantages, this model will be the new seed for the throne in the upcoming B-class crossover segment.

KIA Seltos 2020: European style lands in the B-class crossover segment

The ideal selling price of KIA Seltos 2020

Kia Seltos 2020 (nguồn: Internet)

Present quite late in the B-class crossover segment, so KIA “knows people know us” when applying a very reasonable price for its rookie. Compared to heavyweight competitors such as Hyundai Kona, Ford Ecosport or Honda HR-V, the KIA Seltos 2020 is not at all inferior.

The price of KIA Seltos 2020 is listed from only 589 – 719 million VND, an extremely attractive price for a size B crossover. More especially, when owning a car, customers will enjoy a discount of 50% of the advance fee. Because this is a locally assembled car model.

European beauty bold in the exterior style

Peter Schreyer – the famous “design witch” who helped Audi to succeed, will directly blow the soul of the KIA Seltos 2020 exterior. That is why this rookie of KIA will bring a lot of emotions to users.


The car’s steering wheel is folded quite a bit to create muscular tendons and is also extended to the sides. The center of the front end is not too down, so the 2020 KIA Seltos looks somewhat superficial and stronger when viewed from the opposite.

Ngoại thất Kia Seltos 2020 (nguồn: Internet)

The two sides are Halogen Projector / LED headlights depending on the version with the design divided into 2 floors, creating a daring canine effect. Inside the headlight is divided into many compartments, daylight band is very subtle, a style that reminds us of Range Rover.

The fog lights are placed below with 3 eye-catching verticals LED bulbs, the lower bumper is painted in silver to increase the health and bravery for the front of the car.

As a B-class crossover, It still proved very superficial, muscular with a square body, many embossed veins and once again similarities with Range Rover.

The roof of the car is painted black but not separated from the body color, but very harmonious, highlighting the European style.

Ngoại thất Kia Seltos 2020 (nguồn: Internet)

It heralds Kia’s new design language

The Seltos is the first production Kia to receive the SP Signature concept treatment. Its boxy proportions are accented by a newly-designed slimline grille flanked by LED headlights, while sharp lines and creases along the body create a strong shoulder line that flows through to the rear of the compact SUV.

A long chrome strip on the tailgate flows into the LED tail-lights, while further creases and sharp lines highlight details. Expect future Kias to mimic the Seltos’s design language.

The interior of the KIA Seltos 2020

Nội thất Kia Seltos 2020 (nguồn: Internet)

KIA Seltos 2020 will be like other Korean models, easily win the hearts of Vietnamese customers with a youthful interior space, full of interesting features.

The car’s wheelbase reaches 2610 mm, which is wider than the competition as well as received a positive rating when it comes to feeling spacious and comfortable when sitting.

The interior of KIA Seltos 2020 uses a beige mixed black tone with a bold, elegant style, creating a very eye-catching space as well as creating a more spacious effect. Especially, the ceiling of the car also has a sunroof to increase the airy interior space.

Customers will surely feel very satisfied with the 10.25-inch entertainment screen on the car’s taplo panel. The display quality of this screen is quite good, touch sensitive, below the screen are arranged buttons and arranged very neatly, modern. Next to it is a 7-inch control screen and a 3-spoke sports leather steering wheel.


As a convenient B-class crossover model and for a good experience leading the segment, KIA Seltos 2020 is integrated with a lot of smart features.

The car still integrates compatibility with Android Auto as well as Apple Carplay and other common connections. Quality sound system with 6 speakers, button start and smart key.

The rear seats have integrated air-conditioning doors for better cooling performance and these seats are also able to recline 26-32 degrees to help customers always have a suitable and comfortable sitting posture.

In particular, KIA Seltos 2020 is also equipped with interior decoration lamps in 8 or 6 colors. This is one of the features only available on high-end luxury cars, so it can be seen that KIA really knows how to please customers.

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