Realme 7 Pro Review: Super fast charging and good camera quality

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Mid-range smartphones are now different from before, as the boundaries with the higher segment are blurring. The competition between brands led to a shorter product launch cycle, and new limits were introduced one after another. The screen is full of borders, integrating many cameras, … and now, with the appearance of Realme 7 Pro, it is the charging speed.

Realme 7 Pro Review: Display and Unlocking

It’s been a while since Realme brought in an AMOLED display phone in the under 20K segment. The trade-off is that the screen doesn’t support a high-refresh-rate.

The Realme 7 (review) has a 90Hz screen, but the panel on the 7 Pro is better and gives users an option to switch to a relatively color-accurate sRGB profile (Gentle). There is also a smooth scrolling option under Realme Lab that makes the scrolling feel smoother (making up to an extent for lack of high refresh rate).

The ‘Brilliant’ and ‘Vivid’ profiles that target wider color gamuts have bluish whites but other colors feel more vibrant. Between the eye comfort mode, color temperature toggle, and three preset color profiles, most users should be able to narrow down on a setting that suits their taste. If you are fastidious about display colors, it’s worth mentioning that the Galaxy M31s fairs better in this regard.

Outdoor visibility is above average. Thanks to the AMOLED screen-type, contrast is pleasantly high, there are deep blacks to savor in the dark mode, and there is the ever-useful Always-on mode listed as Screen-off clock (not customizable).

Realme 7 Pro Review: Display and Unlocking
Realme 7 Pro Review: Display and Unlocking

We do wish Realme adds more patches of grey in its dark mode to reduce eye strain while reading texts like notifications. The phone does have a useful eye comfort mode and there’s the option to turn on DC Dimming and eliminate lowlight flicker listed under Realme Lab.

The phone had a DRM L1 certificate and support HD streaming on Prime videos and Netflix.

There is the new Goodix fingerprint reader (white light) under the screen that’s reasonably snappy and reliable. Users may also combine both Face and fingerprint unlock to further improve unlock speed and accuracy.

Realme 7 Pro performance and features: Pretty good

The Realme 7 Pro performed well in the time I spent with it and I’m not surprised, as it features the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G SoC as the 6 Pro. It’s still a good chip; it’s power efficient and doesn’t heat up much even when stressed. The base variant of the 7 Pro has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and is priced at Rs. 19,999, while the higher priced one has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage for Rs. 21,999. I have the latter with me for review. The RAM and storage are LPDDR4X and UFS 2.1 respectively. Realme also claims that the 7 Pro is the first smartphone to pass TUV Rheinland’s Smartphone Reliability Verification tests.

Realme UI ran pretty smoothly on the top-end variant that I had. The phone never missed a beat, whether I was launching an app, switching between multiple apps, or playing a heavy game.

The Super AMOLED display was great for watching videos on, and this experience was enhanced by the stereo speakers. The stereo effect is good, as the earpiece gets almost as loud as the bottom-firing speaker, and Dolby Atmos helps boost the volume and audio fidelity. Games ran pretty well too. Colourful titles such as Super Clone looked great and even heavier ones such as Battle Prime ran smoothly at the highest in-game quality settings.

Realme 7 Pro battery life: Long-lasting

There’s a 4,500mAh battery in the Realme 7 Pro, which on average easily lasted for more than one day starting on a full charge. Our HD video loop test also showed promising results, with the phone lasting a little over 22 hours. It takes barely any time to fully charge it too, thanks to the 65W fast charging adapter. In my tests, the 7 Pro’s battery charged up to 87 percent in half an hour, and took only another 10 minutes or so to reach 100 percent.

Realme 7 Pro Review: Camera performance

Realme 7 Pro review India pros cons faq 6

Let’s start with the camera specs. There are four cameras on the rear with 64MP Sony IMX682 in the lead. The primary snapper is assisted by an 8MP wide-angle camera and a basic 2MP B&W portrait camera, and 2MP macro camera. There’s also a 32MP selfie camera on the front which just as the primary sensor bins four pixels to 1 and churns out 8MP images.

The primary camera does a great job in proper daylight. Colors are close to natural, dynamic range is wide, and there are adequate details. The shutter isn’t particularly snappy and at times the camera struggles to lock focus, but you’d still be able to take great shots in perfect lighting and with steady subjects.

The 32MP selfie camera on the front works well in proper lighting. Beautification is turned on by default for the selfie camera and a few other modes. The camera app isn’t very engaging either.

There are definite improvements in Realme’s image processing software and that should give the Realme 7 Pro an edge over the competition.

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