The Best Bluetooth Headsets- Which one do you like?

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Headphones are an indispensable accessory for today’s young people. The headphones make it easy to enjoy good music or can be used to wear when watching movies to avoid disturbing others in public places or simply do not want others to know what you are listening to. Currently, on the market, there are many types of Bluetooth headsets with different prices, but not all of them bring the sound quality or durability of the battery for you to be satisfied. In this article, I will introduce to readers the types of Bluetooth headsets with good sound quality, buffalo batteries that are trusted and chosen by many people.

The Best Bluetooth Headsets- Which one do you like?

1. WK BD330

The first is the WK BD330 headset, the headset from Hong Kong is a very good upgrade with the old WK BD800 released a year ago. The headset has outstanding advantages such as using Bluetooth 4.2 more stable, simple touch control operation, easy automatic connection.
The BD330 is rubberized outside with IPX4 standard water resistance that works well for sports, operation and is very comfortable to wear.

2. Hocco ES24

Tai nghe bluetooth Hoco ES24. (Ảnh: Internet)

Hoco ES24 headphones are extremely solid. Headphones with Play / Pause controls and volume controls. The headset comes with a compact dock inside with a very intuitive battery life clock.
ES24 headphones use a stable Bluetooth 5.0 connection. The ES24 easily connects automatically and easily controls the volume up and down music playback. When ES24 headphones are put to your ears, you will be completely assured of the semi-package design, completely fine when you can manipulate or work hard.
Hoco ES24 use in 4 times and up to 20h when using the dock up. you can use it comfortably at work and when you go home, don’t worry about battery life.

3. Remax TWS-3

Remax TWS-3 style compact headphones have sturdy headphones, with quite impressive 3D sound quality. Outer shell anti-slippery
TWS-3 is equipped with 2000mah connection, in addition to a combination headset that can be combined for all other devices with a source of 5V 0.5 A. TWS-3 headphones use the latest bluetooth 5.0, but older devices use bluetooth 3.0 and above can be connected normally.
With rare models of under 1 headphones worth listening to, the Remax TWS-3 has moderate bass, high treble suitable for many popular music lines, dance, balard, … With a luxurious business style. Next to black, white, and green, the TWS-3 is very popular in this price range.

4. Totu Glory EAUB-07

The Totu Glory EAUB-07 is a line true wireless style headset quite similar to Apple’s Airpods from the mistaken ear design.
Totu can use the control sensor on each headset. Bluetooth 5.0 is used to help the headset connect stably within a 10m range and is compatible well on Androis and IOS models.
TOTU Glory headphones use bluetooth 5.0 with a stable connection within 10m. Good compatibility on Androis line machines, Control IOS via touch point.

Totu Glory has shallow, bass sound with a thick Chinese. Long-time users will feel comfortable wearing the ear quite gently. For those who prefer to use earbud earphones at a very reasonable price, this is a real result that cannot be ignored.

5. True Wireless Remax TWS-2

Tai nghe bluetooth True Wireless Remax TWS-2 . (Ảnh: Internet)

TWS-2 weighs about 36g including a connection box, so you will take it wherever you go, the real result it looks as small as a guava.
The same box of silkworm cocoon is designed in the form of a vote, the battery capacity reaches 350mAh, which helps us to be inadequate for our headphones to be comfortable 5-6 again.
The same box of silkworm cocoon is designed in the form of a vote, the battery capacity reaches 350mAh, which helps us to be inadequate for our headphones to be comfortable 5-6 again.

6. Plantronics ML15

One of the most popular accessories for bluetooth talking headsets today is the Plantronics ML15. In addition to its compact and ergonomic design, it can both receive hands-free calls to meet work and serve everyday entertainment needs.
Through this mechanism, users can stay in touch even when traveling on the road, in the car or doing housework. Especially the situation of robbing smartphones while walking on the road is increasingly alarming as today.
With the soft and soft ear cushions included, giving you a comfortable, no pain in the ear when wearing headphones for a long time. Connect and use effectively thanks to the ability to talk up to 6 hours continuously.

7. Apple AirPods MMEF2

Tai nghe bluetooth AirPods Apple MMEF2. (Ảnh: Internet)

Apple AirPods MMEF2 is undoubtedly the most premium Bluetooth headset available at the moment that you can trust.
Basically, this product has a design quite similar to the Earpod but the signal wire has been removed so it feels neat. Possesses a beautiful, eye-catching white color that is somewhat trendy.
Each headset is integrated with an intelligent proximity sensor feature to meet the specific needs of the wearer.


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