Top 10 Best Selling Japanese Car Models In The Market

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In this article,Let’s learn more details below:Top 10 Best Selling Japanese Car Models In The Market

When it comes to cars, many people will probably immediately mention famous brands such as Honda, Toyota, Lexus … And almost all of these models are originated from Japan. According to some US reviews, most of the users who have used a car for more than 10 years own a vehicle from the above Japanese brands. In this article, we would like to introduce to you the Japanese models that are used and trusted by the most in recent years, let’s see which models they are!

Top 10 Best Selling Japanese Car Models In The Market

1. Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Japanese Car Models
Toyota Highlander Hybrid – Japanese Car Models

After 5 years Toyota Highlander Hybrid launched a completely new model produced at the Takaoka Plant. This model has a tall and youthful shape with a sophisticated and modern design. Along with that is an advanced technology system combined with many safety features to ensure passengers when the vehicle is operating.

2. Toyota Prius

Mẫu xe Nhật - Toyota Prius (nguồn ảnh: caranddriver)

This model has been launched and is expected to return to Vietnam with a price of over 1 billion. Currently, the selling price of Toyota Prius in the US ranges from 24,685 to 30,015 USD, equivalent to 549-668 million VND. This car has a modern design with a youthful, luxurious and slim style with a strong level of hardness. The Toyota Prius has the overall dimensions (length x width x height) of 4538 x 1760 x 1475 mm. Along with safety equipment and modern systems, the driving modes provide a real driving experience when operating on the vehicle.

3. Toyota Highlander

Mẫu xe Nhật - Toyota Highlander (nguồn ảnh: edmunds)

Belonging to the 7-seat SUV with luxurious design, this car is loved by a lot of people when it has a grand debut at the New York auto show. Currently, this model includes 5 versions L, LE, XLE, Limited, and Platinum, their prices have not been announced by the manufacturer. This model is equipped with a V6, 4 cylinder and electric motor with a working capacity of 3.5L and 2.5L for a maximum capacity of 240-295 and a maximum torque of 350nm. Equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission with 3 driving modes Normal, Eco and Sport, giving the driver a real feeling when the car operates.

4. Toyota Sienna

Japanese Car Models
Japanese Car Models

One of the top SUVs loved by families from Japan. This model has a slim design with a youthful and luxurious style. Toyota Sienna has a wheelbase (mm) 3030 and dimensions of DxRxC (mm) 5085 x 1984 x 1811. This model includes 7 or 8 seats which is convenient and spacious for a family. This car is decorated with a series of modern and comfortable systems to help the driver easily use the vehicle while operating. This model includes specific colors: Red (Salsa Red Pearl), Black (Midnight Black Metallic), Silver (Celestial Silver Metallic) and White (Super White)

5. Honda Pilot

Honda recently launched the Honda Pilot model to the market. This is a small urban car but has an extremely sporty design, the interior is also very sophisticated and luxurious with many modern features.

6. Honda CR-V

The Honda HR-V is one of the most popular small crossover / SUV models. Owning a quite sophisticated and luxurious exterior design. The interior is made of high-quality materials and fully equipped with modern conveniences as well as modern features to help users be safer to use.
Honda HR-V has an eye-catching sporty exterior design. Vehicles equipped with a 1.8L engine for a maximum capacity of 141 horsepower and a maximum torque of 172Nm at 4,300 rpm. Vehicle overall dimensions are 4,334 mm long, 1,772 mm wide, 1,605 mm high. In addition, the car is also equipped with a lot of features to help users be safer while traveling.

7. Toyota RAV4

Japanese Car Models
Japanese Car Models

This is a crossover model launched on the European market starting in the summer of 2021. This model is produced about 150 cars / year in France with the price still not disclosed. Toyota RAV4 is a 5-seater model with a DxRxC size (mm) 4,180 x 1,765 x 1,560 mm and a wheelbase (mm) 2,560 mm. This model uses two main fuels and electricity and gasoline. Equipped with a 1.5L 3-cylinder engine and 1 electric motor with a capacity of 114 horsepower and a maximum torque of 114 Nm.

8. Subaru Forester

This is a Japanese brand that is currently assembled in Thailand and joins Vietnam, no longer has a high tax rate as before. This is a model with a very sophisticated and modern exterior and interior design. Equipped with drivetrain and gearbox, Boxer 2.0L DOHC 4 cylinder engine delivers maximum power (hp) 156 and maximum torque (Nm) 196.

9. Lexus RX Hybrid

This is one of the top models that are used by many people today. The Lexus RX Hybrid has a wheelbase of 2790 mm with an overall DxRxC size of 4890 x 1895 x 1685 mm respectively belonging to the Crossover series originating from Japan. This version uses a gearbox with a working capacity of 3,456cc, bringing a maximum capacity of 308 horsepower and maximum torque of 355 Nm. This model has a fuel consumption range of 5.3 liters to 7.75 liters per road type.

10. Honda Odyssey

Mẫu xe Nhật - Honda Odyssey (nguồn ảnh: cafeauto)

Honda Odyssey is one of the models in the SUV segment of Honda. This car is one of the company’s models aimed at female users. The car has a rather compact design and is easy to move, turning around in crowded inner city roads. With a spacious design with a lot of performance and features inside the car, it is equipped with modern, full amenities for users. Using a 1.4L DOHC i-VTEC gearbox, 16-valve in-line 4-cylinder, with the function of producing the optimal power level up to 173 hp and the maximum torque of up to 225 Nm is dynamic. most modern mechanics.

The above are some of the most popular Japanese cars in recent times. Hopefully, with the information that we have just shared, it will help readers to learn more about cars that are durable over time and can search for themselves and your family a model that best suits your needs. use.

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