Top delicious restaurants in Quang Ngai Province, Viet Nam

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In this article,Let’s learn more details below:Top delicious restaurants in Quang Ngai Province, Viet Nam

Cuisine sometimes not only quickly dispels the hunger, but every time you come to a new region, you experience a different layer of local culture. If you have the opportunity to visit the sunny and windy land, try to immerse yourself in the sophistication and ingenuity of the local cooks at delicious restaurants in Quang Ngai Province, Viet Nam you will surely find new feelings and exciting moments here.

Alibaba Restaurant

When it comes to the top delicious restaurants in Quang Ngai, it is impossible not to mention the name Alibaba, this is one of the most recommended restaurants when you ask the locals here. The restaurant specializes in seafood dishes and is processed at the restaurant. The restaurant’s dishes received many reviews for the freshness, quality, reasonable price, beautiful and airy space, … The seafood of Alibaba restaurant is also the reason that many customers come for it. diversified in types, also processed in many different forms, with eye-catching and delicate decoration.

Top delicious restaurants in Quang Ngai Province, Viet Nam
Top delicious restaurants in Quang Ngai Province, Viet Nam

To talk about the most prominent dish at Alibaba is the beef fish dish. The dish is made with the main ingredient of beef fish, and is modified and combined to create many different dishes. Beef fish is a fish with quite hard skin so it is quite popular for processing into grilled dishes such as charcoal grill, salt grill, aluminum foil grill, grilled fish, … Besides, beef fish is also used in hot pot dishes, Sour soup, or especially beef sushi, beef fish salad or sashimi especially.

Osaka Grill Street

Osaka Grill Street is one of the delicious eateries in Quang Ngai that stands out, with a Japanese culinary style. The restaurant has a rich menu with more than 100 Japanese-style dishes, made from carefully selected fresh ingredients, providing a plentiful source of nutrients. Along with that, the restaurant is designed with a distinctive and unique style. Osaka Grill Street also has a specially designed VIP room including Karaoke with the capacity of less than 20 people, helping you to have a private and comfortable space.

Top delicious restaurants in Quang Ngai Province, Viet Nam

The restaurant’s interior space is also built according to the luxurious and comfortable design, bringing a cool and clean feeling for customers when visiting. Accompanied by professional service style, well-trained staff, chefs with many years of experience in the profession, … Believe that with the above reasons, it is enough for you to visit this place once to experience.

Kicochi House Quang Ngai

If you are looking for a place to satisfy your passion for barbecue in the list of delicious restaurants in Quang Ngai, you should not check out Kiochi House Quang Ngai. The shop is designed in a modern space, slightly Korean style. Here, the focus is mainly on the grill set – buffet hot pot with very reasonable prices, suitable for many people. The service attitude of the staff here is also assessed as quite enthusiastic, thoughtful and welcoming.

Top delicious restaurants in Quang Ngai Province, Viet Nam
Top delicious restaurants in Quang Ngai Province, Viet Nam

The special thing of the restaurant is that the restaurant does not have a fixed menu, but can change seasonally, monthly or even weekly to bring diners really new when exploring the cuisine here. The restaurant’s barbecue is considered a highlight with its marinated taste that is very tasty and delicious, and also comes with many typical Korean dishes such as pickles, bibimbap, crab soup, steamed clams.

Starfish Restaurant 168

Sao Bien Restaurant 168 is another unforgettable place to eat in Quang Ngai, famous for its main dishes related to seafood. The ingredients of the restaurant are always guaranteed to be fresh, clean, and chemical-free. Along with the unique processing style of the cooking oils here, in addition to not using recycled oil, coloring products, ensuring food safety, making the dish have its own taste. Although the space of the restaurant is not too flashy, it brings warmth and cool space.

quan an ngon o quang ngai 4

The restaurant’s outstanding dishes always receive the love of customers such as Tich Shrimp, Crab Emperor, Heo Ki, Red Grouper, Blood Cockle, Lobster, Abalone, … The above types are also transformed into many Different dishes help you to enjoy the different flavors of the dish.

Red Brick Restaurant

quan an ngon o quang ngai 5

If you love the dishes of the Central Highlands, then Brick Do Restaurant is the perfect choice for you. This is a restaurant that specializes in the dishes of this red basalt region, with typical flavors and outstanding dishes such as blue rice or Tay Nguyen grilled chicken. The reason that grilled chicken has a different taste is because the way of marinating it with pure wild honey, adding ingredients and special spices of this land.


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