Vinfast Fadil Review – the first car manufactured in Vietnam

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Along with the speed of economic development, the essential needs of people also have many changes. Vietnamese people increasingly need to travel by car. Currently, on the market, there are many famous car brands from Germany, Japan, and Korea. However, Vingroup has recently developed a new generation car brand Vinfast.

Vinfast Fadil Review – the first car manufactured in Vietnam

1. Impressive appearance

Vinfast FADIL is a compact CUV model. Vinfast is inspired by European style, compact but powerful. The remarkable point on all Vinfast models is the very high brand recognition ability, the design of the car’s grille is created in a V-shape with a very distinctive logo of the car manufacturer. This makes Vinfast FADIL quite stand out and easily identifiable among many cars moving around the city, despite its compact size.

The tailgate is gently designed including the rear lights and prominent brake lights. Elegant European-style look combined with sporty and dynamic aluminum alloy rim. This car is a perfect combination to create a car full of elegance but still exuding dynamism.

Vinfast Fadil Review - the first car manufactured in Vietnam
Vinfast Fadil Review – the first car manufactured in Vietnam

The back of Vinfast Fadil The chassis is designed with a ground clearance of 150mm to meet the standards and pass all the safety tests according to European standards.

2. Comfortable and modern furniture

Interior Vinfast FADIL Although it has a rather compact appearance, the interior of Vinfast FADIL is designed quite spaciously, providing a sense of comfort when using the car. The seat system of Vinfast FADIL is softly designed, covered with luxurious synthetic leather. The car’s steering wheel is designed to adjust two directions. 6-speaker sound system is equipped on the car, combined with up to 7 ”entertainment screen to bring unique user experience. Modern, eye-catching interior design is one of the highlights of the Vinfast FADIL in segment A.

3. Engine power

Vinfast FADIL is equipped with a 1.4 liter inline cylinder engine. With maximum torque of 128/4400. Vinfast FADIL can reach a maximum speed of 98 horsepower.

Vinfast Fadil Review - the first car manufactured in Vietnam

In addition, Vinfast FADIL is also equipped with a CVT gearbox combined with a front-wheel-drive system, providing a smooth experience when shifting gears for users despite experiencing on a segment A model. This is a very prominent point of Vinfast FADIL compared to other models in the same segment.
The electric power steering system combined with the Macpherson-style shock absorber on the front wheels and the torsion-type shock-damping system at the rear wheels provide smooth handling for the Vinfast FADIL.

Vinfast FADIL has a fuel consumption of 7.11l of gasoline for 100km traveling on basic urban roads.

4. Safety system

Vinfast FADIL niềm tự hào trí tuệ Việt

Vinfast FADIL is the intellectual pride of VietVinfast FADIL is equipped with a disc brake system with anti-lock braking system ABS together with the function of distributing electronic brake force EBD in both front and rear tires. In addition, Vinfast FADIL is also equipped with modern safety technologies such as: ESC electronic stabilization system, TCS traction control function, supports horizontal slope start, emergency seat belt tension in the seat. front seat belt warning and warning, two-row airbag system, ISOFIX child restraint system. Vinfast FADIL is equipped with an encryption key to increasing safety for customers who regularly park outside.

5. Actual car Vinfast Fadil

Vinfast Fadil

This is the first car of Vinfast Fadil, please explore the details of this model. This Vinfast Fadil model is in the same segment as Hyundai i10, Kia Morning and the newly launched model is the Honda Brio. The common feature of Vinfast is the beautiful V-shaped logo in the front of the car, the black grille, the side is halogen lamps and the LED position lights and the bottom is a black plastic fog lamp.

Vinfast Fadil

Part of the wheel is 15 inches in size, the spokes are very beautiful, the wheels are in general peaceful design. The car has a top bar, but I should only load a little bit because in Vietnamese law there is no permission to carry things on the roof.

Door handles and petrol color are quite large, with relatively thick corrugated iron. The rear light is quite gentle, with a rear-facing camera, and the trunk is relatively spacious to accommodate two large suitcases. The key of the car is quite compact, foldable.

Vinfast Fadil

The interior of the car, the clock in front of the steering wheel with a chrome frame is relatively good, the display is black and white information. For vehicles with a design similar to the chevrolet camaro or chevrolet cruze, just press the menu key to display the information on the clock, water indicator, gasoline indicator are the only mechanical lines.


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