VSMART ARIS Review: A slim and light mid-range smartphone

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In this article,Let’s newselectionz.com learn more details below:VSMART ARIS Review: A slim and light mid-range smartphone

If you need a thin and light mid-range smartphone, beautiful design, vibrant color AMOLED screen and performance enough to meet even when you want to play games, VinSmart’s newly launched Vsmart Aris smartphone is the right choice. The mid-range segment currently has two trends: thin and light smartphones easy to hold, beautiful AMOLED screens with moderate battery capacity and large smartphones with LCD screens up to 6.7 inches, thick body and large capacity of 5000 -6000 mAh or more. In which, Vsmart Aris belongs to the trend of thinness and lightness.Design of Vsmart Aris

Vsmart Aris is a rare smartphone in the mid-range segment today using a metal frame, the material is now only used in the high-end segment. So the machine feels very solid to hold. The metal frame surface is also roughened and cut very carefully.

VSMART ARIS Review- Design
VSMART ARIS Review- Design

On the gray version we experienced, the back is also rough treated, looks elegant and matches the frame. The rough back surface reduces the phenomenon of fingerprints. The beveled back at the edges, plus a slim body (8.5mm) and moderate size (6.4 inch) create a comfortable, comfortable grip. Although the chassis and the back use materials with different shrinkage, the border between these two components is still tight, without any loss of aesthetics.

The details and components on the phone such as the rear camera cluster, the power keys (integrated fingerprint sensor), volume, speakers and USB C charging port are balanced and harmonious in the overall design. Fingerprint sensor located on the power key has a thin section but still works sensitive.

VSMART ARIS Review- Design
VSMART ARIS Review- Design

The most unfortunate minus point in the design of this phone is that it still uses a “water drop” containing the selfie camera, making the screen not full of eye-catching edges like the hole-punch screen popular in the mid-range segment today. The use of the water drop design that left Vsmart Aris lagging in the punching trend has become popular.

However, overall, the design is still the bright spot of Vsmart Aris compared to products in the same price range. Solid metal frame, rough back surface with less fingerprint adhesion and elegant color, thin and light body, hand-held, perfect finish.

Display of Vsmart Aris

Vsmart Aris uses a 6.39-inch AMOLED panel, Full-HD + resolution, 19.5: 9 ratio and the screen protector layer is Gorilla Glass 5.


Aris’s panel quality fully demonstrates the characteristics of the AMOLED screens. Vivid colors, high contrast, clarity, wide viewing angle and enough brightness are easy to see when surfing the web or taking photos outdoors. The screen’s color temperature is also reasonable, looking warm, not blue or pink. Always-on display displays date and time information and notifications in screen off mode.

Performance and software

Vsmart Aris is equipped with Snapdragon 730 processor. This is the processor introduced by Qualcomm in April 2019 with 8 cores, of which 2 high-performance cores Kryo 470 (Cortex-A76) clocked at 2.2Ghz and 6 cores power saving performance Kryo 470 (Cortex-A55) clocked at 1.8Ghz, graphics chip Adreno 618 and is manufactured on 8nm process optimized for power consumption. This processor combined with 6GB RAM and 64GB internal memory is enough to provide a smooth basic experience for Vsmart Aris.

On familiar performance measurement applications including Antutu to measure overall performance, Geekbench to measure CPU performance, and Manhattan post on GFXBench to measure graphics performance, Aris’s Snapdragon 730 has higher results than some edge products. The competition has a slim and light design similar to VinSmart’s phones such as Oppo A93 (Helio P95) or Samsung Galaxy A51.


This processor is also enough to comfortably play today’s graphics-heavy games if you accept reduced graphics mode accordingly. In the VnReview test, the machine gently processed the shooter Dead Trigger 2 with a stable high frame rate (57.3 fps) and the League of Legends game (58.3 fps). With Pubg Mobile game with heavy-duty graphics today, the machine also plays well with a stable frame rate at 39.8 fps if the graphics are reduced to a low level (Smooth – smooth). However, if you increase the graphics to a higher level (High level), the smoothness will decrease completely, sometimes lag with frame rates reaching about 30 fps.

Battery Time

Aris owns a 4,000 mAh battery, average capacity in the mid-range segment today. However, the two main battery-draining components in this phone are the display panel and the processor that both save battery. AMOLED panels use less power than LCD panels. Meanwhile, Snapdragon 730 is also produced on the most power-optimized 8nm process on current mid-range chips. Therefore, the 4,000 mAh battery is still enough for Aris to have a good time of use.



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