What Bed Size Is Best Suited for Couples?

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In this article,Let’s newselectionz.com learn more details below:What Bed Size Is Best Suited for Couples?

If you’re wondering what the best bed size for couples is, you might be on the cusp of a big change. Maybe you and your partner have decided to move in together. Or, maybe you both are ready to upgrade from the futon you’ve been sleeping on since you decided to call the same place home. To ensure you’re on the right track to achieving the best sleep every night, you’ll want to conduct a bit of research to determine which mattress will help. We’ve got you covered. Here, we’ll outline the primary features of three mattress sizes couples commonly purchase: full, king, and queen.

The Common Sizes of Beds for Couples

The following are the mattress sizes most commonly found online and in brick & mortar shops alike:

Twin and Twin XL

After the crib, Twin is usually the first size for young kids, which will stay with them for several years.

Pictogram of the twin size mattress

In fact, with a size of 38 by 75 inches, it will be long enough for kids up to their mid-teens and beyond.

The Twin XL variant, is simply a bit longer coming at 38 x 80, which fits taller kids and is commonly found in tight spaces like dorm rooms.

sizes twin 300x298 1

Full/Double and Full/Double XL

The Full size (also called Double size) is a good choice for shorter people who don’t need much foot room, as with 54 x 75 inches is the same length as the Twin but a bit wider.

sizes full 300x243 1

The Full XL (or Double XL) however gives you more foot room, measuring 54 by 80 inches, which is 5 inches more than the normal size mattress.

Although not very spacious, the Full XL size mattress can work for a couple where one or both of them are tall ( thus need an extra foot room) but don’t want the extra width that comes with a Queen bed.

This bed size also suits those couples who like to cuddle and don’t mind about needing personal space while they sleep.

Bedroom space should measure about 10’ by 12’ to 10’ by 16’ depending on preference for walking room.

Standard Queen


This is the most common size bed in the world, big enough to fit two people comfortably, with each one having optimal room to move around and re-position, and also gives the opportunity to be close enough to one another for cuddling.

Bed Size for Couples

Standard queen bed size measures 60 by 80 inches, which is enough space to even have kids and pets sleep in occasionally.

Standard queen beds are popular in guest rooms and teenagers room.

Although not very large, it still requires adequate space in the bedroom to fit in, especially if two persons will use it.

Olympic Queen

Although not very common in the US, sometimes people ask us about this odd size.

The Olympic Queen bed provides an extra 6 inches of foot space thanks to the measurement of 80 by 66 inches.

It is ideal for taller couples who also need the width to be bigger.

Olympic Queen bed should be fitted in rooms that have a longer length than width, usually measuring 10’ by 10’ to 10’ by 14’.

This bed size accommodates pets that love to lay on the end of the bed.

California Queen

Also rare, the California Queen is for couples who need an extra space for movement, but don’t need added foot space.

This bed size measures 84 by 60 inches, which provides couples personal space while they are in bed.

One unique thing about California Queen size bed is its space can accommodate a child cuddling up next to the parents if the child wakes up at night.

The bed size fits bedroom space measuring 12’ by 10’ to 12’ by 14’.

Standard King and Split King

The regular King Size is very common after the Queen size.

This bed size provides the maximum amount of sleeping space and also gives more than enough space for other activities such as relaxing in a comfortable, stretched out position.

Bed Size for Couples

Standard King bed space is 76 by 80 inches, which is about as large as two twin XL beds combined, which is exactly how a Split King is usually made.

This variant has the advantage of being foldable, so it can be placed in rooms with tighter access.

Homes with larger bedrooms would benefit from this bed size or those couples who frequently share the bed with a child.

You can lay sideways to watch television or read a book. The possibilities with what you can do with the space in this bed size are endless.

The right bedroom space for this bed size should measure at least 10’ by 12’ to 13’ by 13’.

California King

If you are looking for the longest size you can possibly get, California King bed is the one for you (also abbreviated to Cali King by the aficionados).

Measuring 72 by 84 inches, it’s for those who appreciate more length than width.

The bed measures 6 inches wider than a Queen bed, which provides couples more than enough room to sleep or cuddle.

This bed size gives couples optimal space for just about anything, and the kids or pet can occasionally jump in without compromising the space.

For the more creative, even a third person would fit in to sleep comfortably!


There certainly quite a few different mattress sizes on this list, a few of which I did not know existed. Each person has their own individual preference as to what size they want, how much sleeping room they need, what kind of space they have to work with, etc. Before you choose the size, make sure it will fit, your partner agrees with it, and it’s best for your individual sleeping habits.


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