What is the effect of alcohol soaked aloe vera? Is it as good as the rumor?

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In this article,Let’s newselectionz.com learn more details below:What is the effect of alcohol soaked aloe vera? Is it as good as the rumor?

What effect does alcohol soaked aloe vera have that many people know? In addition to its health benefits, does aloe vera wine bring any uses for skin and beauty?

Aloe vera is a popular plant that can be bought in markets or supermarkets. Aloe vera is popular and widely used for its beauty properties, cooking ingredients and benefits as a medicinal remedy, or for using aloe vera to make food and drinks. In recent years, aloe vera is also known for its alcohol immersion formula.

What is the effect of alcohol soaked aloe?

In recent years, the recipe and usage of alcohol soaked aloe have been searched by many people. In fact, the effect of alcohol soaked aloe vera is shown in 2 aspects, including:

1. Beauty with alcohol soaked aloe

Aloe vera is rich in nutrients that are beneficial for beauty, specifically:

Aloe vera wine promotes blood circulation, making the skin rosy and smoother.
Since aloe vera and alcohol both have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and cleansing properties, it will be useful for preventing and treating acne, anti-sebum production, and acne prevention.
Aloe vera soaked with moderate alcohol will have a moisturizing and protective effect on the skin.
Aloe vera in alcohol can also prevent freckles and can help regenerate skin cells, prevent wrinkles.
Treat dark spots, sunburns, fade scars, blemish blemishes and even skin tone.
Improving skin by eliminating toxins in the body, regulating endocrine, improving collagen synthesis.

2. What effects does it have on health?

Besides the beauty effect, it can also treat a number of skin diseases such as dermatosis, dermatitis, insect bites …

In addition, alcohol-soaked aloe vera is also popular for several health benefits such as:

  • Reducing pain, fatigue because aloe vera promotes circulation, increases blood circulation. You can take a drink before bed or before meals.
  • Reduce headaches, dizziness
  • Improve stomach upset symptoms, help with good digestion and increase appetite.
  • Aloe vera belongs to the meridians of the liver, stomach and large intestine.
  • Alcohol is good for liver, stool, and constipation treatment.
  • Some remedies use dry aloe vera soaked in alcohol (without sugar) to disinfect, fight inflammation, and relieve pain … Especially aloe soaked in alcohol helps to quickly reduce swelling. But you should not apply this mixture to open wounds or burns.

Note when using 

alcohol soaked aloe vera

The way to make alcohol soaked aloe differs depending on the intended use. You should not arbitrarily soak aloe vera with alcohol to drink without the guidance of a doctor or traditional medicine doctor.

Although you already know what aloe vera soaked in alcohol has effects for health and beauty, you should not abuse it. Aloe vera is contraindicated to the following subjects:

  • Pregnant and lactating women
  • People with diabetes, taking medications, people preparing for surgery, people with low blood pressure.
  • People with kidney disease and hemorrhoids
  • Because aloe vera is so welded, the elderly, people who often suffer from indigestion, diarrhea … should not use aloe vera soaked in alcohol.

You need to shield and protect the skin from the sun well, because the alcohol can cause sun exposure to the skin, making the beauty useless. In addition, aloe vera is also a material that can cause allergies, so if there are signs of allergies during use, acne, skin discomfort … should stop immediately.

Although the recipe is spread by the beauty and health believers, you should also carefully understand what the benefits of alcohol soaked in aloe vera, how to use it, and how to make the right aloe vera wine soaked. You should consult a physician before use.



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