Why do we sleep? The reasons why people need sleep?

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The type of sleep that most middle-aged and old people need most of all, is deep sleep. As people transition from adulthood to middle age, the body tends to sleep less deeply but to have more short naps. In conclusion, we all want plenty of deep sleep. In the morning, if you feel like you’ve just had a good night’s sleep, that means the night before, we had a lot of quality deep sleep.

Why do we need sleep?

Currently, scientists have not determined the main reason why we sleep or why we need sleep. However, they know that humans have to sleep, and in fact, humans can survive longer by sleeping without food. Sleep brings many health benefits. More precisely, there is more metabolic activity taking place in the body while we are sleeping.

Scientists have come up with the following theories about why humans need sleep:

  • The brain can rearrange things while it sleeps because the body is completely at rest, without absorbing any information as it did when it was awake.
  • Sleep is a time when the body doesn’t have to do much physical activity, so this is the time for the brain to connect and restore important nerves that may be impaired.
  • Sleep gives the brain the opportunity to reorganize data, process newly learned information, organize and store memories, generate ideas and solutions to the problems we are facing. in life.
  • Sleep is a serious time to rest.
  • Sleep lowers a person’s metabolic rate and energy consumption.
  • The cardiovascular system is also rested during sleep.
  • Researchers have found that, while sleeping, blood pressure drops by 20 to 30 percent and heart rate drops by 10 to 20 percent.
  • During sleep, the body will heal tissues, rejuvenate cells, and strengthen muscles.
  • Growth hormone is also released during deep sleep.

What is the function of sleep?

It can be said that sleep does not have a single purpose. The body can do many things while sleeping. Rebecca Reh at Harvard University gives four reasons for sleep:

Recovery: help the body rest, grow cells, and clean the body
Protection: keep the body silent, away from dangerous agents from the outside environment (e.g. adventure tourism, wild animals)
Energy regulation: Uses less energy while sleeping
Consolidation of memory: forming memories and learning in the long run
Above are the reasons for the macro scale, but you can see this as a paradigm. CalTech professor David Prober also lists the following reasons:

Sleep helps repair damage in cells. Small animals with a high metabolism sleep a lot during the day. Large herbivores may only need a few hours of sleep a day.
Sleep helps the body rest. When the resting time is prolonged, the body’s energy reserves are replenished.
Sleep helps to organize brain and memory. During sleep, nerve tissue is restored and relaxed. That is why we often wake up feeling refreshed and more optimistic.
Sleep strengthens your memory and what you learned during the day.

Difference between NREM & REM

NREM and REM sleep are different stages of sleep so they have different functions. The characteristics of brain waves are fundamentally different. REM sleep waves seem like awakened brain waves (albeit with slight differences). Skeletal muscles become paralyzed during REM sleep. Conversely, the body can move during NREM sleep. Memory consolidation and released growth hormone occur during NREM. Complex dreams happen in REM. Also, body temperature changes take place in NREM, not in REM.

 The reasons why people need sleep
The reasons why people need sleep

Does sleep mean complete rest?

People often describe themselves as feeling refreshed after waking up, as if their mental fuel tank has just been recharged. However, at the biochemical level, this renewed energy still has no clear explanation. In this argument, the brain uses quite a bit of energy during sleep, so sleep is not synonymous with complete rest even though energy stores are allowed to be recharged.

 The reasons why people need sleep
The reasons why people need sleep

Sleep is the cycle, in turn, from lullaby, shallow sleep, deep sleep, and dream sleep. Each such cycle lasts about 90 minutes. Then continue to repeat the cycle above. Deep sleep in stage 3 may disappear in cycles after the brain has recovered sufficiently.

Additionally, there is new evidence that sleep is the time the lymphatic system removes metabolic products from the brain and surrounding tissues. Sleep is also skull maintenance time.


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